Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nicholas beat Evan 3-0 in the Malaysian Masters 2009 (quarterfinal) !

I'm following the Nicholas - Evan- game 3, quaterfinal match , Malaysian Master Championship LIVE at DATCC blog. The match is held at DATCC,KL . Below are my commentarary

FM Nicholas Chan vs NM Evan Timothy Capel
Malaysian Masters (quarterfinal), Game 3, 16.8.09

1. c4 Nf6 2. Nc3 e6 3. Nf3 d5 4. cxd5 exd5 5. d4 Be7 6. Bg5 The game now transpose into Queen Gambit Exchange opening 6...O-O 7. e3 Nbd7 8. Bd3 Re8 9. Qc2 h6 10. Bh4 c6 11. O-O Ne4 12. Bxe4 12.Bxe7 is more normal move in this opening 12...Bxh4 13. Bh7+ Kh8 14. Bf5 Bf6 15. b4 The minority attack. Although white has fewer pawns on the queenside compare to black, white advance his queenside pawns to create weakness on black queenside pawns formation . 15...Nf8 16. Bd3 Ne6 17. Rab1 Qd6 18. Rfc1 b6 19. b5 Bb7 20.bxc6 Bxc6 21. Nb5 Bxb5 22. Bxb5 Rec8 23. Qa4 Rc7 24. Ba6 Nicholas prevent black from doubling his rook on c file 24... Ng5 25. Ne1 Ne4 26. Rxc7 Qxc7 27. Qa3 Be7 28.Qb2 Bd6 29. g3 Rd8 30. Rc1 Qe7 31. Rc2 Rd7 32. Qb3 Nf6 33. Rc8+ Kh7 34. Qc2+ g6 35. Nd3 Rc7 36. Rxc7 Qxc7? black commit a serious mistake. He should have capture with his bishop with 36...Bxc7 . Now white's will attack black weak pawn on a7 37. Qxc7 Bxc7 38. Nb4 Black can't defend his a7 pawn 38...Bd6 39. Nc6 Ne4 40. Nxa7 Nc3 41. Nb5 Nxb5 42. Bxb5 After this black will lose his d5 pawn 42...Kg7 43. Bc6 f6 44. Bxd5 White win more pawns. His two pawns up actually. However because of the bishop opposite colour endings, black have chance to settle for a draw. However Evan who is 2-0 downs in this 4 games match could not afford to take a draw if he want to proceed to the semifinal. 44...Kf8
45. Be4 Kf7 46.Kf1 Bb4 47. Ke2 g5 48. f4 Ke6 49. fxg5 hxg5 50. h4 gxh4 51. gxh4 Bf8 52. h5 Bh6 53. Kd3 Kd6 54. Bf5 Bg5 55. a4 Bh6 56. e4 Bf4 57. Kc4 Be3 58. Kb5 Kc7
58... Bxd4?? 59. h6 59. d5 Nicholas could force a draw with 59. e5 fxe5 60. dxe5 Bd2 61. h6 Bxh6 (61... Bc3 62.h7 Bxe5 63. a5 bxa5 64. Kxa5) 62. a5 bxa5 63. Kxa5 59....Bf4 60. Ka6 Be3 61. Bg6 Bf4 61.Bg6 Bf4 62. Bf5 Be3 63. Kb5 Bf4 64. Kc4 Kd6 65. Kd3 Ke5 66. Ke2 Bc1 67. Kf3 Bd268. Bd7 Kd6 69. Bf5 Bh6 70. Kg4 There's no chance that white will lose. So probably Nicholas just avoid any pawn capture till move 101 and he will claim a 50 moves draw rules. The last pawn capture is on move 51st. 70... Ke5 71. Bg6 Bf8 72. Bh7 Bh6 73. d6 1-0 Nicholas won the game and proceed to the semifinal.

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