Friday, July 10, 2009

DATCC Round 13 Preview by Zack Zaheer

Preview Round 13 (score in the bracket indicate the teams result in earlier meeting)

Goldis vs Tan & Tan (4-0)

Goldis did a good job in earlier round against PCWM winning 4 nil without their 4 top players. Malaysia’s first “professional" chess player- Abdullah Che Hassan had a fantastic game in disposing WCM Nurshazwani. Goldis need all the 4 points against Tan & Tan to further close gap on SMS Gold and likely achieve that without much fight against seniors Tan & Tan and send them home empty handed.

Likely score: 4-0

SMS Gold vs Pricewaterhouse Coopers (4-0)

A crucial game for SMS Gold as they cannot afford any more slip ups in their bid to be champions. Board three weakness suddenly looks like a perennial problem to SMS Gold with both Ismail and Soon Cheong succumbing in the last 2 rounds playing 3rd boards Price waterhouse still got to be in their best if they want to take at least 1 point .
Likely score: 3-1

DATCC vs 786 chess (0-4)
786 chess club may treat the game against minnows and host DATCC as a training session . DATCC came no where close in taking any points against Spawn last week . Probably Fairin and co. can afford to visit the new nasi kandar opposite wilayah complex for a sumptuous meal including penang nasi dalcha and teh tarik and start game 1 hr late and still win handsomely. (the teh tarik drank by Kamaluddin Yusuf just before the game against Soon Wai Cheong may have got the extra oomph that gave him the fine win so probably teh tarik mamak (as photo below) has replaced red bull as the official drink for team 786)
Likely score : 0-4

Nusa Mahkota Chess Club vs Spawn 2009 ( 2.5-1.5)

Revitalized team with new found energy and the team to fear, Spawn will be all out to prove they are seriously looking for the no 4 overall spot with win against Nusa Mahkota. Nusa cannot afford to rest on their laurels and the first board Nor ilhamuddin can expect a torrid time from Jax who has a fine game in defeating blogger Andrew in the last round. Rest assured Hairul who almost fumble against MBS will be most likely take a break and lets his comrades do the fighting to to reduce his stress .

Likely score : 2-2

Persatuan Catur Wanita Malaysia (PCWM) vs. Methodist Boy School (MBS)(4-0)
PCWM may just maintain the record against MBS of not dropping points with Nurshazwani and the wonderkids Nabila, Tan Li Ting and Najiha . The experienced ladies may be still needed for ’off board’ duties like cheering and guiding the kids .

Likely score : 4-0

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