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DATCC Round 12 Report

Round 12 Photo Report

SMS Gold vs 786 Chess Club ( 3-1)

The match of the day - SMS Gold (left) vs 786 Chess Club (right)

786 Chess Club tried their best to give a good fight against the top sead- SMS Gold, however they only managed to gain a point on board 3 when their 3 board - Kamaluddin Yusoff won his game . The most interesting game is their "weakest board" (board 4) where Malaysian no. 1 - FM Nicholas Chan vs. former National Champion - NM Kamal Ariffin ! However Nichols live up to his billing by winning the encounter.

The first board duel between FM Ooi Chern Ee against Fairin Zakaria has an interesting end. In the final position Fairin resign in an apparently losing position. However he actualy give a try to prolong the game as shown by my best friend - Fritz 11!

FM Ooi Chern Ee - Fairin Zakaria
(Round 12), 08.07.2009

Analysed with Fritz 11

Black position is so difficult. ( See diagram below) . In the other hand white piece is all active and his massive central pawn is difficult to handle.

1.e5 Qe7 2.f5 Kh7 3.fxe6 fxe6 4.Qd3 Nf8 White clearly has large advantage. Infact he can win straight away with 1.Rxh5 but Ooi probably remember an important chess concept - "The threat is stronger then the exucation" , so he choose to add the pressure with 5.Rdg1 ?! and Fairin resign immediatly. 1-0 Fairin mentioned during the post moterm that white is clearly winning with threat like Rxh5 and Ba3. However what both player and the spectators probably missed is the Fritzy brilliant "mind my own business move" 5...Kh8! After this move, white have no more 6.Rxh5 whereas 6.Ba3 ?! is better for black for e.g 2...Qe8 3.Bxf8 ? Rc3

After Kh8 white still have the upperhand although black probably can defend stubbornly with e.g 6.Rxg6 if 6.Ba3 Qe8 7.Bxf8 Rc3 6...Nxg6 7.Rxg6 Qh7 8.d5 Rd8 9.d7 Rf7

The weakest player of both team ?!- FM Nicholas Chan (SMS Gold) photo left vs. NM Kamal Ariffin (786 Chess Club)

The Spawn vs DATCC (4-0)

The Spawn line up their best players for this round . Jax Tham on board one followed by "Pak & Son" - NM Yeoh Chin Seng and Yeoh Li Tian on board two and three followed by Kaushal Khandahar on board four respectively.

Above is the caretaker of SMS Gold team - Mr. Mohd Sirajuddin . He is playing black (photo above) for DATCC against NM Yeoh Chin Seng ( The Spawn 2009).

Goldis vs PCWM (4-0)

I noticed that many Malaysian top players is a Medical Doctor or becoming one. For. e.g NM Lim Chuin Hong, FM Nicholas Chan, WCM Nurshazwani and WIM Siti Zulaikha . It's probably shown that chess has help them in their studies.

Medical student - WCM Nurshazwani Zulkipli played for the first time in this tourney. She gave a good fight against Abdullah Che Hassan but probably her game was a little bit rusty after long break from competitive chess . Another interesting thing is the husband and wife ( Abdul Haq (Goldis) and Roslina Marmono (PCWM) has to become an "enemy" for this round.

WCM Nurshazwani

Nusa Mahkota Chess Club vs Methodist Boy School (4-0)

As expected, NMCC won the match 4-0. However, what you all might not know is that NMCC almost lost a point due to yours truly carelessness by transposing into a losing endgame.

Hew Zhenjing (MBS) - Hairulov (NMCC)
Round 12, 08.07.2009

Somehow, i stupidly exchange a rook and transpose into a bad bishop + pawns vs. good knight+pawns endings (diagram below) . As you can see , Black position is hopeless ( almost) . White knight has a strong outpost at d6 which couldn't be challange by my bad light square bishop. To make matter worse my b5 pawn should lost shortly and then white will have a strong passed pawn on b file. Desperatly i try probably my last chance to safe the game with...

1...f6 and my opponent surprisingly played 2.exf6+?? ....What a relief (and what a blunder from my young opponent). White should have mantain his advantage with move like 2.f4 fxe5 3.fxe5 Kd7 4.Kc5 and i could have already resign 2...Kxd6 Probably my opponent thought that his f pawn would queen . 3.f4 Kd7 Moving towards the f6 pawn. 4.g4 g5 Fixing white g- pawn on the light square and the rest is history 5.fxg5 hxg5 6.Kc5 Ke8 7.Kd6 Kf7 8.Ke5 Be2 0–1

Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) vs. Tan&Tan ( 3-1)

The auditors (PwC) beat Tan & Tan 3-1 and the race for 3rd place is now between this team and two other team - Nusa Mahkota Chess Club and The Spawn 2009 .

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