Sunday, July 05, 2009

DATCC Game and Puzzles

While watching my team mate played against PCWM in round 11, host player Mohd Sirajuddin show me a few puzzles and ask me to solve it. I failed to solve any but come close to do it. So if you think you are smater then me...try solve it. (without using chess software of course !) .

In diagram below, White looks like he didn't have any chance to win . Actually he can . Try find the answer.

White to move and win !

Below is tougher. According to Sirajuddin, IM Mashafizul also can't solve it.
White to move and win !

My teamate - Shamsol Bahrin receive a give by NWM Tan Li Ting in their round 11 game last Wednesday. The talented junior - Tan Li Ting blunder in a position where she have a good chance to draw .

Shamsol Bahrin (Nusa Mahkota) - Tan Li Ting (PCWM) [D03]
DATCC League 2009 (Round 11), 01.07.2009

48... Rdd6?? Staying intact with 48...Kf7 is correct and white will faced serious difficulty to convert his extra pawn into a winning advantage . 49.Rb7! Now white is threatening checkmate with 50.g5++! 49...g5 50.Rf5+ Ke6 51.Rxg5 1–0 Two passed pawns on the kingside is too much to handle for black.

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