Monday, July 06, 2009

DATCC Game and Puzzles Solution

Below is the solution for yesterday puzzles .

In diagram below, White looks like he didn't have any chance to win . Actually he can .

White to move and win !

1. Bh6+ Kg8 2. g7... white first two moves ( 1.Bh6+ and 2.g7 is force ) . Now black have three 0ption :-

If black choose to to move his e-pawn with 2..e6 (option 1 ) or e5 (option 2) , white strategy is :-

i) switch the duty of protecting the g7 pawn from his bishop to his king ; then

ii) use his bishop to capture the e-pawn later; then

iii) force black h- pawn to move so that black king can't create a stalemate position because the Black's king can escape via - h7

2...e6+ 3.Kd6 ( 3.Kxe6? is of course stalemate ) 3...Kf7 (3...e5 4.Ke6 e4 5.Kf6 The King has protect the g-pawn so the bishop is free 5...e3 6.Bxe3 h5 7.Bg5 h4 8.Bxh4 Kh7 9.Kf7 win ) 4.Ke5 Kg8 5.Kf6 The King has protect the g-pawn so the bishop is free 5...e5 6.Ke6 e4 7.Kf6 e3 8.Bxe3 h5 9.Bg5 h4 10.Bxh4 Kh7 11.Kf7 win ;

2...e5 3.Ke6 ( 3.Kxe5? is of course a mistake because white king can't protect the g pawn and the game will ended in a draw. Black only need to move Kg8 and Kf7 all the time ) 3...e4 4.Kf6 e3 5.Bxe3 h5 6.Bg5 h4 7.Bxh4 Kh7 8.Kf7] 3.g8Q+ Kxg8 4.Ke6 Kh8 5.Kf7 e5 6.Bg7# 1–0

iii) 2...Kf7 (option 3) 3. g8=Q+!! This is the most important idea. I failed to find this move because i was so obsess with the idea that a lone bishop can't mate a king. But i forgot that if the defending king has an extra pawn - it's a different story because the extra pawn can act as a betrayer to his own king ! 3...Kxg8 4. Ke6 Black is now force to move to h8 4...Kh8 5. Kf7 e5 6. Bg7++# checkmate !

Below is tougher. According to Sirajuddin, IM Mashafizul also can't solve it.

White to move and win !

1.Nc6! Kxc6
if :-

1...Kc4 2.Bf6 Kd5 3.Bxd4;

1...a2 2.Nb4+ the a pawn will be captured ;

1...Ke6 2.Nxd4+ Kd5 3.Nb3

2.Bf6 Kd5 if 2...Kc5 3.Be7+ Kd5 4.Bxa3 3.d3! an important move. 3...a2 4.c4+ dxc3 4...Kc5 5.Kb7!! The mother of all idea !! White is not actually plan to capture the a pawn, but his is creating a mating nett ! 5...a1Q 6.Be7#checkmate 5.Bxc3 And black can't queen his a pawn safely. 1–0

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