Friday, May 01, 2009

DATCC Team League Games !

Mr. Abdul Hamid Majid the organiser of the DATCC Team league 2009 told me that they will produced the tournament  game bulletin after the tournament and thanks to him, i got the 1st round bulletin. Many interesting game and position occur and i will share with you some of it. 

Below are one interesting position from my team mate  - Irwan against Haslindah Ruslan ( Persatuan Catur Wanita Malaysia) in  round 2. 

Haslindah Ruslan (PCWM) vs Irwan ( Nusa Mahkota Chess Club)
Round 2, 29.4.2009, DATCC Team League

Below are the critical position during the game. White has a strong mating threat on g7 however black's far advance passed a- pawn  disturb white's plan. 

1. Bf3  1.Ne7 Nd3! 2. Nxg8 Rxg8 3. Ra1 Qxe2 with a clear winning advtange for white 1...Bxf3 2. gxf3 Rxe1 3. Rxe1 a1=Q 

Two queens ! 4. Rxa1 Qxa1+5. Kg2 Qb2+ 6. Kg3 Qxf6 0-1 White resign because she's a rook down and there's no more  mating threat on g7. 

Photo from gilachess blog

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