Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dusan Stojic (2229) vs IM Mashafizul (2425) 0-1 , Round 2, Deoberl Cup 2009

According to Closet GM blog who is doing a live blogging of the Doerbel Cup 2009, our top player IM Mashfizul has just beat Dusan Stojic (FIDE 2229) as black in the 2nd round today. This mean Mas has beg full points so far after winning the 1st round earlier today.

Update ! : It's confirm, Mas beat Dusan Stojic in round 2 . He will play white against Indian Women Granmaster Eesha Karavade (FIDE 2359) in round 3 tommorow. Mas has beat Eesha in last year DATMO. All the best Mas !

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