Sunday, February 01, 2009

Under Age Dominate Corus 2009 !

Chess is getting younger and younger. Last night three young lad ( all under 20 years old) won The Corus 2009 in their respective group. Sergey Karjakin ( 19 years old) who held the record for the youngest GM ever at 12 years old - won the A group, Fabiano Caruana ( 17 years old) won the B group and Wesley So ( 16 years old) won the C group !

I hope the trio - Anand, Topalov and Kramnik will return as soon as possible to keep the pride of the adults!

Group A

Sergey Karjakin (photo right) win after all his main contenders draw ( Radjabov, Aronian and Movsesian) or lost ( Carlsen and Dominguez) their games.

Group B

The most dramatic finale in all group. Nigel Short who is leading the group with Kasimjanov misplayed his winning position and lost horribly to the eventual winner - Fabiano Caruana !
I was quite sad with Nigel performance in the last round because as you know, i'm rooting him and Wesley So in this tournament. He was dominating his last round game against Caruana (photo left) but at the end he somehow ruins his position. Probably fatique is the main reason for this veteran and former Vice World Champion !
Caruana is last year Group C champion and this year he won the B group so next year he will be playing in A group !

Group C

Wesley So (photo right) secure the win in Group C, Corus 2009 by drawing his game against David Howell in the last round last night. With 8.5 points he has out of reach by his only rival - Anish Giri who can only collect a maximum 8 points if he win the last round game.

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