Monday, February 02, 2009

Nusa Mahkota Chess Club Gathering

Today is a public holiday for federal territory. A last minute notice for Nusa Mahkota chess members gathering was scheduled at our President (Mr. Irwan - aka Iwanchuk) office at Taman Tun Dr.Ismail, Kuala Lumpur . Because of personal reason, only three members ( Iwanchuk, Sam and yours truly) could turn up . However, we still had a good time considering that we have not seen each other for a couple of months . Many things were discuss and we have planned a special chess programme in the near future which hopefully will be announced soon.

A chess gathering is not complete if there's no blitz games, so before dismiss, we play a couple of blitz games. Below is one of the position i remember.

Iwanchuk - Sam
Nusa Mahkota Chess Gathering, Blitz 5 minute, 2.2.2009

Black to play

Both players is short of time. 1...Qf7? the correct move is 1...Qg7! black who has a slight material advantage should force to exchange white "wild" queen with 2.Qxg7 Bxg7 and black's knight on d7 is now well protected and black should win 2.Qxf7+ Kxf7 3.Bxd7 White is two pawn up and won after a couple of move later .... 1-0

After the gathering, the host ( Mr.Irwan) was so nice to bring us to the nearest restaurant - Santai Kitchen at Taman Tun Dr.Ismail . We continue discussing about our chess programme there while enjoying the delicious foods.

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