Sunday, February 01, 2009

Chess Puzzle (5)

I just went trough one of my interesting game against my friend Mustapa Kamal Zamhuri . The game were played 10 years ago in the Malay Master 1999 which was held in UIA, Gombak. When i went trough the game, it just like yesterday we have play it. That's the beauty of chess, you can replay your game exactly as how you have play it before!

The most interesting position arise as the diagram below.Try to find the best answer for white's 36th move. If you want to test your tactical ability, don't ask for assistance first especially from your chess programme before you solve it on your own.

Hairulov - Mustafa Kamal Zamhuri
Malay Masters, UIA Gombak (5), 1999
White to play

Try guess the best move for white in the above position.


seinze said...

Bd5.....confirm betul...tapi byk sgt variations...move ni putih dapat greater advantage... said...

Nh5 nampak macam kuat jugak