Thursday, January 22, 2009

Round 5 : Corus 2009 LIVE

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Round 5

Today the Corus 2009 proceed with round 5 after the rest day yesterday. Wesley So will meet GM Eduardo Iturrizaga (FIDE 2528) from Venezuela - the home of many Miss World and Universe. Venezuela is well-known for its successions in beauty pageants. Venezuela has 5 Miss World, 5 Miss Universe and 5 Miss International titles . For e.g - Venezuelan Miss World 2008 - Miss Dayana Mendoza (photo right) .......ok..ok ...before i go off topics... let's focus on the game. Unfortunately for Wesley , he will meet Mr.Venezuela tonight :)

GM Eduardo Iturrizaga (2528) - GM Wesley So (2627) [A00]
Corus C , Round 5, 22.01.2009

1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 e6 3.c4 b6 4.g3 Ba6 5.Qc2 c5 6.d5 exd5 7.cxd5 Bb7 8.Bg2 Nxd5 9.0–0 Be7 10.Rd1 Qc8 11.a3 Nf6 12.Bg5 h6 13.Bxf6 Bxf6 14.Nc3 0–0 15.Nd5 Bxd5 16.Rxd5 Nc6 17.Rad1 Rd8 18.Nd2 Ne7

19.Rd6? My friend - Mr.Fritz suggest a stronger move 19.Ne4! Nxd5 20.Nd6! Qa6 21.Bxd5 where black's rook at a8 and f7 pawn being attack ! White position is overwhelming !19...Rb8 20.Rxf6 !? an interesting exchange sacrifice by Eduardo. 20...gxf6 21.Ne4 d5 22.Nxf6+ Kg7 23.Nxd5 Qe6 24.Qc3+ f6 25.e4 Qe5 26.Qxe5 fxe5 27.Re1 Nxd5 28.exd5 Kf6 29.Kf1 b5 30.Re3 b4 31.a4 c4 Black will possibily create a passed pawn on c file which could decide the game. 32.Ke2 c3 33.b3 c2 34.Kd2 Rbc8 35.Kc1 Rc5 36.Be4 Rdc8 37.Re2 Rc3 38.Rxc2 Ke7 39.Kd2 Rxc2+ 40.Bxc2 Rc3 41.h4 Kd6 42.g4 Rh3 43.Be4 Rxh4 44.f3 Rh1 45.Kc2 Kc5 46.Kd2 Rh2+ 47.Kc1 Kd4 48.d6 Kc3 0-1 A nice win by Wesley !

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