Sunday, December 07, 2008

Two Malaysian Attend The FIDE Seminar for Coaches in Bali, Indonesia!

The Seminar Perticipants. Photo from FIDE

Actually it was three Malaysian in the FIDE Seminar for Coaches in Bali, Indonesia held from 30 November 2008 to 5 December 2008. Two of them came as the participant i) Mah Hassan Omar, Vice President ofthe National Council for the Blind (Malaysia) (NCBM) and ii) Abdul Latif Mohamad. The other Malaysian in the seminar is the conducter - FM Peter Long - FIDE Web Editor. Mah Hassan succesfully received the FIDE Instructor (FI) title and Abdul Latif Mohamad get the National Instructor (NI) title.

Mah Hassan is a strong chess player. I play against him in the middle of 90's in one rapid tournament in Klang and only won the game on time. My position is hopeless at that time. Abdul Latif is well known chess arbiter and he has been arbitering many international and local chess tournaments.

Mah Hassan (left) and Abdul Latif Mohamad (right) in the seminar.Photo from FIDE website

You can read the full article about the seminar at FIDE website here and from FM Peter Long blog

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Andrew Ooi said...

I remember meeting Mah Hassan many years ago. The late Foong Chee Leng introduced me to Mah Hassan in the Selangor Open. I had just lost to Foong in a long drawn out endgame.

Foong asked him to tell me how he just beat a promising junior at that time (Ng Eee Vern). Mah told me he won because of superior endgame knowledge. :)