Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Richard Kimbin runner-up in 29th Trofeo Edoardo Crespi Open A 2008 !

Richard Kimbin (left) runner-up and CM Giuseppe Bisignano (right) Champion of the 29th Trofeo Edoardo Crespi Open 2008

My "Italian" friend - Richard Kimbin finished in 2nd place in the 29th Trofeo Edoardo Crespi Open A held in 4-8 December 2008 in Italy. The tournament was won by CM Giuseppe Bisignano.

The most interesting fact about Richard's victory is he is in fact the last seeded ( 48th seed) with FIDE 1697 rating but he overshadow almost all of them. In my opinion, Richard current rating didn't show his"accurate"strength. He is easily a FIDE 2000+ player .

Both players end with 5.5 points from 7th round but Bisignano has a better tie-break to clinch the title.

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Photo from Richard's Facebook.com

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