Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Malaysian Chess Players Performance Enhancement !?

I just read an interesting article in about allowing performance enhancement in chess. This article is written after the Ivanchuk Dresden Olympiad drug test saga which were debate all over the chess world and is beeing reffered to FIDE Doping Hearing Panel to decide.

From my personal observations in local tournaments, i noticed a few "stimulants" used by local players. For instance, i know that some players consume Panadol , tiger balm, vicks inhaler, and drink cafeine ( coffe, Coke) before and during games.

In the past, i myself drink Pati Ayam Bestari or Brands before game. I believe many other players have their own chess stimulant...Tongkat Ali perhaps?

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Kamata said...

I think pati ayam bestari is the best. I used to stock several bottles back then when I was still active in participating tourney. If readers realize, Wang Yue uses balm and Hou Yifan drinks preserve something...something (don't remember what) during tournament. So using these kinds of things are normal. Cheers