Thursday, January 01, 2009

Malaysia drop 3 places in the FIDE January 2009 List

Malaysia has drop 3 place in the latest (January 2009) FIDE rating list release recently. In the previous list ( October 08), Malaysia was rank in the 74th place. FIDE use the average rating of the 10 highest player in each country for ranking purposes.

The drop was mainly effected by our team poor performance in Dresden were 4 out of 5 Malaysian Olympiad players who were in top 10 of Malaysian list drop points. IM Mashafizul drop 18 points from 2439 to 2386, FM Lim Yee Weng drop 17 points and is now at 2379, FM Mok Tze Meng drop 25 points and IM Jimmy Liew drop 7 points. Only NM Edward Lee gained points ( 5 points) from 2054 - 2059 but unfortunately he is not in the top ten list. Edward is in 37th place - which with all due respect, is quite unusual place for a reigning National Champion ?! However i think he has done "better" then the former World Champion - Alexander Khalifman who is once rank 44th in the world when he won the FIDE World Champion title in 1990 !

FM Nicholas Chan with 2386 climbed into a second place to "overtake" Yee Weng who dropped points and is now in the 3rd place. Actually Nicholas doesn't have to do anything to gained that spot because he didn't play in any rated tournaments for quite a long time. FM Peter Long also remained in the 4th place with no change from his previous rating - 2353. NM Lim Chuing Hong has the same "fate" like Nicholas. He climbed to the 6th place by not playing in any rated tournaments in the past few months . It seems that the best way to keep your rating is by not playing !?... but of course, FIDE will not allow this to continue because players who doesn't play for a certain periods of time will be "kick" to the inactive list. The local top gainer of the January 2009 list is Lim Zhou Ren who collect a hefty 106 points! - from 1871 to 1977.

A disappointing thing to note is our IM elect– Lim Yee Weng, have to wait further before officially received his IM Title. In the October 2008 list, he is 4 points ( 2396) short to reach the 2400 rating mark – which are required to confirm his IM title but because of his latest rating drop ( he is now 2372), he has to get another 28 points to officially get the title.

In the period of October 2008 to December 2008, two local FIDE rated tournament ( Pencarian Jaguh Terengganu and KL Open) were sent to FIDE for rated purposes but because of the deadlines , FIDE will probably rate it in the next list ( April 2009).
Source : FIDE

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