Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ignatius Leong Swindle of the year !?

Ignatius Leong - FIDE General Secretary who is playing as a reserve for the Intchess team in the Asian Chess Championship League produced a last minute "swindle" in his 3rd round game against Iraqi - Ahmed Abdul Sattar Abdul Wahab .

Ahmad Abdul Wahab (2247) - Ignatius Leong (2199)
1st Asian Club Cup Alain, UAE (Round 3), 27.12.2008

Black played 73...Qg4+. Actually white has a better game right from the beginning . In the diagram below, White's far advance f pawn should decide the game. However the Iraqi blunder horribly with...

74.Kb8?? The correct move is 74.Qd7 Qf3 (74...Qg8+ 75.Qd8+ Qxd8+ 76.Kxd8 a4 77.f7 a3 78.f8Q) 75.f7 Kb5 76.Qe8 Qf5+ 77.Kb7 Qc5 78.Qd8 a4 79.f8Q and black queen first. 74...Qg8+ it's a mate in 1. How tragic! 0–1

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