Friday, August 01, 2008

Round 10: Mas lost to GM Evgeny Gleizerov

IM Mas lost to Russian GM Evgeny Gleizerov(2549) in round 10 of the 2008 Biel Chess Festival. In round 11, ( Final round) he will be pair against 63 years old GM from Croatia - Misho Cebalo ( 2523) photo right who is once famous for his match against the Rest of the World in the past.

One of my shoutbox guest mentioned that if Mas win his game against Gleizerov in round 10 he should have get the GM norm. I'm not sure whether he still got the chance if he win the final round ( round 11) because he will meet Cebalo - another GM . I think he have a good chance to win because of age factors! Anybody can explain about the possibility?
Update : i found this important info from gilachessblog about FM Lim Yee Weng conversation with Mas :-
"Mas is playing at the 41st Biel International Chess Festival and has scored a fantastic 6.5/9 rounds and now faces GM Evgeny Gleizerov (FIDE 2549) in round 10 (For GM Evgeny's photo goto http://hairulovches smaniacs. blogspot. com/ ) .I am guessing that the game should start around 8pm Malaysian time.> I spoke to Mas this morning & was glad to hear that a win in this round would give him a GM norm! Otherwise a draw with GM Evgeny followed by a win in the last round would also be sufficient. > As far as I can recall, I am not aware of any other Malaysian that had come this close before (Maybe Zi Jing?). Rightfully, we should all feel excited. Unfortunately, the games are not live but the results will be out by the morning athttp://www.bielches sfestival. ch/cms/index. php?option= com_content& task=view& id=144&Itemid= 169> One of my favorite games was Mas vs GM Ulbin in round 3. You may replay the game at http://www.bielches sfestival. ch/cms/uploadfil es/games/ dgt_chesstheatre .htm &see how he completely demolished a GM. Mas had informed me that when the game ended, he had about 50mins while GM Ulbin only had 10seconds"
Hairulov- I like the last sentences- it show that he is definitely a GM strength - he just have too prove it by getting the norm. Lets pray and continue supporting him ! All the best Mas!

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