Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MCF GM Tournament - Day 2

Round 2 / 27th August 2008

FM Myo Zaw Min ( 2486) vs GM Saidali Yuldachev (2520) 1/2-1/2

GM Ziaur Rahman (2560) vs IM Mashafizulhelmi (2386) 1/2-1/2

GM Drazen Sermek (2509) vs WIM Zhang Xiaowen (2382) 1-0

Photo reports and games

Hairulov(left) - no title and unrated posing with Zhang Xiaowen (right) a Woman International Master (WIM) , FIDE 2382 and 19 years old ! Hey....something must be wrong with me, I start to learn to play chess the year she was born !

Below is WIM Zhang Xiaowen 2nd round game against the second seeded , GM
Drazen Sermek. Although she lost the game, watch her brave heart play with 10.Nxf7 !? sacrifice ala Shirov !

FM Myo Zaw Min (left) vs GM Saidaili Yuldachev (right) 1/2-1/2

more games and photo's will follow.....

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