Monday, August 18, 2008

Guest The Player?

OK guys, look at the right photo and try guess who is the chess player ?

(a) a hip-hop dancer who play chess .

(b) a patzer chess player

(c) a chess grandamaster

hint : he played at the MERDEKA Rapid Team Open 2008!


Yes , he is a chess grandmaster with FIDE rating : 2504. GM Darwin Laylo (born 1980) is a Filipino chess Grandmaster.
Laylo (photo left) won the Philippine national championship in 2004 and 2006. These wins earned him a place on the Philippine Chess Olympiad teams in the 2004 Calvia Olympiad and in 2006 at Turin.
In 2006 he picked up two GM norms, the first from the 2006 Malaysian Open, and the second at the 2006 Bad Wiesse tournament in Germany. His third and final norm came in the 2007 Asian Chess Championship in Cebu, Philippines.

source : wikipedia

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