Monday, August 18, 2008

DATMO 2008 Start Today!

from left: GM Ziaur Rahman, GM Li Chao, FM Novita Anjas from right : IM Garma Chito, Yang Kaiqi, GM Zhang Zhong

DATMO 2008 start today at the CitiTel MidValley Hotel. 2 round were played to day. The first round start as expected where the top seeded beat the lower rated player but there's some upset results achieve by Malaysian players. The first is Mohd Saprin Sabri (FIDE 2153) triumph against untitled but high rating Chinese player who is the last year runner up! - Wan Yungou ( FIDE 2471) in round 1 . His Mini Training Session must have some influence to his performance !?

Another upset in round 1 was created by the former World Police Chess Champion- Ismail Ahmad photo right ( FIDE : 2111) against Slovenia GM Drezen Sermeck ( FIDE: 2509) which Ismail managed to held the GM to a draw.

What about our hero - IM Mashafizul ?...He won his first game against Singaporean - Benjamin Foo (FIDE 1997).

GM Li Chao ( white t shirt) the defending champion from China analyzing ground 2 game of IM Julio Catalino Sadorra and WGM Gu Xiaobang. The actuall position i recall is as below:-

WGM Gu Xiaobang (2286) vs IM Julio Catalino Sadorra (247o)
DATMO 2008, Round 2, 18.8.2008, Kuala Lumpur

Black has just play a decisive move 1...Rh6+ which should force white to resign after 2.Kg1 Qg7+ 3. Qg2 Rg6 ..winning the queen!

Stay tune for update !
One player promise to sent me a game !?....

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