Monday, August 25, 2008

GM Li Chao retain Champion of DATMO 2008!

GM Li Chou ( photo right) retain his title of the DATMO 2008 champion by drawing his last round game against Filipino - GM Darwin Laylo to finish with 9 points . FM Lim Yee Weng is Malaysian best with 7 points. Full results is here

During the Malaysian Blitz Open 2008 held immediately after DATMO 2008, FM Lim Yee Weng mentioned that he probably get the IM norm for his performance in DATMO 2008. I think it is his second norm if i'm not mistaken. He also mentioned that FIDE probably will grant his IM title during the FIDE congress during the Dresden Olympiad this November.

The "unclear" good news is The Malaysian Open will continue next year and beyond but we still wait from the MCF to confirm it.

Malaysian Chess festival have been running for 5 consecutive years -thanks to Malaysian Chess Father and No. 1 supporter - Dato Tan Chin Nam. The future of this tournament is in the dark because as Dato' Tan promise, he would sponsor it for 5 years and this year is the final years. I ( and others chess fan too) wonder what will happen next year if Dato Tan keep his "promise."

I hope Dato will continue supporting this events because the impact of this succesfull event to Malaysian Chess and the tournament worldwide publicity is too valuable to lose. Look at the participation of international players which increase every years. We can see regular players from Australia, New Zealand and our neighbouring countries has made Malaysian Chess Festival their annual event. My friend who work in Italy- Richard Kimbin even took a break from his job in Italy and has compete for two consecutive years ( 2007-2008) to take part in this tournament. That show how important the tournament for every chess fans!

As mentioned by several fans, this is the only international chess festival in our country and we can't afford to lose it because if we lost it, our chess players will only play at the weekend allegro's and couldn't have the chance to watch strong international GM's battle with each others and with our own players .

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Ching said...

Yee Weng just needs to reach 2400+ in the next Oct Rating list to get his IM title...He already has 3 IM norms...