Friday, October 10, 2008

Amazing Chess Facts !!!

Below are some interesting chess facts i discover from the internet. However i'm not sure about the validity of all the facts . Find it yourself :)

1.Bobby Fischer had Asperger's Sydrome which is a form of autism-which made him love to play chess. Hence the quote: ''All I want to
do, ever, is play chess.''

2.ex World Champion - Tigran Petrosian (photo right) was deaf.

3.Gary Kasparov has a 135 IQ. ( i score 94 for my IQ test done in english, probably i can match Kasparov IQ if it was done in Malay !?- Hairulov :) )

4.Max Euwe - former World Champion (photo left) was the tallest world champion ever. (how about Kramnik ? - Hairulov)

5.Victor Korchnoi was a world championship contender more than any other contender who never became the world champion.

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