Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hou Yifan missed a gm norm because of Mas ?

Hou Yifan as stated on missed a gm norm by only half a points in the recent concluded 1st Saturday GM Tournament in Budapest, Hungry .

As we all know, Malaysia local hero- IM Mashafizul also participate in this tournament and finished in 8th place with 7 points. Mas luckily draw against Hou Yifan (photo right) in the 3rd round when the China's prodigy missed a clear win on move 42. I know it's sound too much to blame Mas for Yi Fan missed opportunity especially when Mas have defend brilliantly and gave full resistance in a very difficult position. Below are the critical position .

Hou,Yifan (2557) - Mas,Hafizulhelmi (2386) [B90]
First Saturday 2008 July GM Budapest (Round 3), 07.07.2008

Mas has just played 41...Ng5 It's clear that white has the clear ( or already winning) advantage thanks to his dangerous passed pawn on a7. However, Yifan choose the wrong piece to go to d7 with...

42.Qd7? the wrong piece to go to d7, white should played 42.Rd7! instead and after 42... Qb6 ( the knight can't move because the mate threat on g7 ,for example 42...Ne6 ? 43.Rd6 the knight will lost) 43.h4 Rxa7 44.Rxa7 Qxa7 45.hxg5 hxg5 46.c4+-and the passed pawn on c4 would won the game for white!! 42...Qb6!= 43.Ra1 43.h4 Ne4 44.Ra1 Qf2 45.h5 Ng3+ 46.Kh2 Nf1+ 47.Rxf1 Qxf1 48.Qb7 Qf4+ 43...Ne4 44.Qd5 44.Kh2 Qf2 45.Qg4 Nd2 46.c4 Rxa7! 47.Rxa7 Nf1+ perpectual 44...Rxa7 45.Rxa7 Ng3+ 46.Kh2 Nf1+ ½–½

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