Saturday, July 19, 2008

Biel 2008 Build Up !

As we already know, IM Mashafizul will continued his GM quest in the Master Tournament of The 2008 Biel Chess Festival which will start on July 21st. Mas who just finished competing in the !st Saturday GM Tournament in Budapest would probably spent his time somewhere in Europe to prepare for his next challenge.

It would be nice if Mas (photo right) could share his story, photo, game analysis and his surely interesting experience competing all around the world in his own word and in his own blog, site what the young prodigy Magnus Carlsen done ( with the helps of his father-Henrik) in his blog. Probably he doesn't have time to do it but if he would like to share it, i would be glad to help.

For example, recently i found that Mas and GM IanRogers (photo left) has spent time to visit the latter hometown in Kelantan. What a story it would be if we know it earlier! I and others local chess fan probably would catch a story or two from them and take some photo's. I also found that Mas have several trainings session with Rogers when Mas compete in Australia early this year.

Ok, back to his coming tournament, i found that the Biel Chess Festival will be played at The Congress Centre (photo below) in the city centre of Biel/Bienne, with its architecture from the 1950s and 60s, renovated in 2001/2002, is a major feature of the city.


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