Thursday, July 31, 2008

Andy Lau play chess !?

Yesterday as i mentioned in my previous post, is my team (MAKSWIP) final day training before we depart today to Penang for the Sukan MAKSAK 2008. After the training session , I had to rushed to KLCC for a meeting. On my way there ( at Jalan Hang Tuah near Pudu Jail) I found an interesting advertisement on one of the Monorail bar which features Andy Lau ( Hong Kong famous actor) playing chess! See photo below taken from my car !

Andy Lau play chess !?

2 comments: said...

i dont think andy Lau is playing chess. He just take that picture for the sake of advertisement...

hmmm.. err, u know already bout it rite? LOL.. just put this comment to cheer everyone who read it..

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

i honestly don't know whether Andy Lau play chess or not? that's way i put the !? and ? mark. But it will be good if he know it :)

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