Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vladimir Kramnik = Rizal Ahmad Kamal !?

Ok guys, i just watch part of the exciting DVD - " Vladimir Kramnik- My Path To The Top" and my first comment is i found that .....Vladimir Kramnik face looks like my friend Rizal Ahmad Kamal (photo right) !!!! Hahaha...

Probably i was a little bit exaggerated... hehehe....However the DVD was great...i love watching the interviews especially about Kramnik comments about the "toiletgate" scandal

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Zambri said...

The last conclusion from Mr Kramnik was

If I have to play a tournament with them I will play a game, of course, definitely. But I am not speaking to them, they are absolutely out of my world, because to go down so low for money or power or the world championship title is absolutely unacceptable. I will never accept it. They are for me just persona non grata.