Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Round 6 National Closed 2008: Jax Tham vs Zaidan Zulkifli

(photo left) and i meet at our usual place in Putrajaya and analyze his National Closed 2008 games. Zaidan collected 4.5 points from the tournament . He started well in the first 6 rounds but unfortunately in final 3 rounds, he lost 3 games in a row or as what Zaidan said to me - scored a "hattrik of losses". Anyway i think he still achieved something, for example, he played 6 rated player and lost to unrated players. So the loses it will not effect his target to get rating .
Today Zaidan

Zaidan also was so kind to lent his DVD to me, a chess DVD - "Vladimir Kramnik - My Path To The Top". (photo right). Wow...i was so exited and will watch it at home immediately.

Below is his 6th round win against experience player - Jax Tham Thick Hong. Quite a surprise result because he beat Jax in only 24 moves. Probably the tight schedule and tiredness is the reason why Jax lost in this game.

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