Sunday, June 15, 2008

Royal Selangor Blitz 2008 - Part 2

I leave my house at about 7.35 am and when i reached Sungai Besi Highway, i noticed that there is few car on the road. Is it because the rise of petrol price or...probably it's still early Sunday morning.

I reach Kuala Lumpur at about 8.15 am , stop at Dataran Merdeka and
took photo of the Royal Selangor Club.

Jax Tham handling the registration

The Playing Hall before round 1 start

The Tournament begins

It is almost impossible to remember a full game of any of my games let alone others game, especially when playing 22 games in a row - almost unstop. In blitz , you don't need to write the move. However as you all already saw, i manage to take some photo of the position. For example the position below :-

Abdullah Che Hassan vs NM Kamal Ariffin

White : Abdullah Che Hassan vs black: NM Kamal Ariffin

NM Kamal Ariffin is a pawn up and play safely to win in the endgame.

The kids playing and watching his friends game!

The kids on the left is sweating!?

There are many kids playing in this tournament. As a kids, they always talk loudly during games and many funny occasion happen, for instance they always claim for - touch moves , illegal move,etc.etc.etc but the arbiters managed to handle them well!

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