Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ian Udani - The 2008 Royal Selangor Blitz King!

Ian Udani - The Blitz Champion!

The top finisher- from left- Fariz Shafruddin (2nd place- King Corner), Ian Udani (Champion - King Corner), Kamaluddin Yusof (3rd -King Corner), Dr.Wahid and Jax Tham- (Knight Corner Champion!)

Flipino- Ian Udani emerged as the 2008 King’s Corner ( winner pools) Royal Selangor Blitz Champion which conclude today at The Royal Selangor Club, Kuala Lumpur . Fariz Shafruddin take the 2nd place and 3rd is Kamaluddin Yusof .

The Players Blitzing!

48 players choose to forget about the raise of the oil price recently and show up at the Royal Selangor Club, Kuala Lumpur to test their skills in this 22 round blitz tournament! ( 10 round first half and 12 round for the King’s and Knight’s Corner). Jax Tham the organiser where kind enough to give RM5 discount for my registration because i give a little publicity for this events. At least for compensate the new petrol price!

Jax not just organizing , he also play in this tournament. He won The Knight's Corner or….eeerrr…. the looser pools :) . His strategy of “not winning” the early half of the tournaments to play in the Knight's Pools pay dividend when he easily won the Knight's Corner. There is some players who use the same approach but i think there is nothing wrong with it. However, you must at least “try to play”... not just giving it as Andrew Ooi point out in his article.

Anyway I got a lot of fun playing in this tournament. My result in the first half ( 10 rounds) was quite good - 8th place from 48 players…i wish the tournament stop here :) . However the format is clear that after the first half, the player will be divided into two category – The King’s Corner ( winners pool- best 24 placing) and the Knight’s Corner ( The looser pools- 25th-48 th placing) …not looser in life of course …:)

Hairulovchessmaniacs vs Gilachess- The Duel of Blogger!

In the first half, an interesting clash is the clash between the "top chess blogger" as what they said. Hairulov vs Andrew Ooi or....Hairulovchessmaniacs vs Gilachess!. The game end peacefully ( draw) although Andrew is better in the final position but he was so gentleman to offer me a draw when both of us was in time trouble.

In the first half, I start well for the first 5-6 round, unbeaten, draw with 2007 National Master- Zarul Shazwan, win against Kamaluddin Yusof the 3rd placer.... then..…. i…. start.... losing pieces and games. Anyway, I managed to collect few more points and collected 6.5 points from 10 round.

However, reality came in the 12 rounds King’s Corner where all the best player playing and I start the first 2 rounds with 0 points. Then slowly I collected points , going to the top table , lost, win, lost, lost,lost ....etc... and finish 15th place. However in the end, I really enjoyed and i think the other experience the same too.

The second picture report of this tournament will follow....

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