Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Queen vs Bishop& Knight Drawn Fortress !

Ok guys, I’m getting more and more interested in chess position study now especially after discussing session with Zaidan Zulkifli. Not because I’m want to be FM,IM or GM but just enjoy the knowledge. The possibilities of the position arise in your games maybe 1/100000... times but i think it still good to know..just in case .

Usually queen vs bishop+knight endings is winning for the superior side ( queen) but there's exception.

Below are a drawn Queen vs bishop+knight endings. For the inferior side ( bishop and knight) to achieve a draw, he must make a static fortress at any corner ( diagram below) by:-

i) Making sure his bishop control the corner square where the fortress being set

ii) And the knight creating a barrier against attacking king’s ( eg. in below position- a6-b6-c6-c7-c8)

White to move

Kb5 Ka7 2.Qd8 Ba8 3.Ka5 3.Qd7+ Bb7 4.Qg7 Ka8 3...Bb7 ½–½

Note that queen alone can't checkmate so if the king can't help the queen, material superiority is useless!

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