Tuesday, June 03, 2008

National Closed 2008 : Day 4 Report - Johor Invasion!

As usual, i came at the middle of the second game of the day (round 8) .
My first observation is the Johorean are making this year edition look like a "Johor Closed" rather then a National Closed. Their players like Edward Lee, Leong Mun Wan, NM Kamal Abdullah, brothers - Abdullah and Aizuddin Che Hasaan are dominating the first 4 main table !

Round 8: second row main table in action
Sabahan Otai : David Chin - making a comeback !?

New comer - Guadis Goridau (Sabah) seeded no. 56th, playing 1st table in round 8 with 5 1/2 points!

Yeoh Li Tian or Yeoh Li Yuan ? help please...

Edward Lee lead the tournament after round 7!

Is this boy Sumant Subramaniam brothers ?

Before I receive complaints from woman activist, I would like to inform you that there’s a women category in 2008 National Closed!

NWM Nurul Huda Wahiddudin

Ok guys, today i planned my trip well and doesn't face traffic jamm as yesterday!

For details result, go to the unofficial site which i think is more official and update from the Official site !

A game from round 7 main table will follow soon....

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