Monday, June 02, 2008

National Closed 2008 : Day 3 Report! Part 1

Today, once again i drop by to Wilayah Kompleks to watch the 3rd day of the 2008 National Closed. This time i stayed a little bit longer and snap more photo's then yesterday. Thanks to arbiter in charge - Mr. Arshad, i received two game score and will publish it shortly. Ok, for the fans who can't attend the tournament, enjoy the photo's below:-

The Place : Wilayah Kompleks, Kuala Lumpur

Round 6 : Aizuddin Che Hassan (left) beat top seed - Leong Mun Wan (right) 1-0

Sarawak Otai - Lim Kian Hwa (left) draw against Tan Wei Hao (right)

Newlywed - Mustapa Kamal - honeymoon in National Closed !?

Abdullah Che Hassan (white) beat ex World Police Champion - Ismail Ahmad (black)

Actually i only plan to take a quickphoto's and few games to publish in my blog and hurried back before ......

*&%$#@ Traffic jamm in KL! ( 5.10pm)

Sometimes i wonder why i doing all this thing. As one of my friend who happen to work at Tanjung Rambutan Hospital for 9 years told me before, scientificly, all human have at least 10% element of madness in their brain. Maybe that explain why i doing all this thing!
Part 2 will follow....

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