Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mustapa Kamal Wedding and “Grandmaster Live”

From left: Zambri, Sam, Mus & Wife, Aziz Shukor, Kamaluddin and Saprin (answering chess call !?)
Photo from Sam
As my previous article a few days ago, Mustapaha Kamal wedding ceremonies was successfully held at his house in on Sunday, 18 May 2008, at Taman Seri Setia, Teluk Intan.

Several chess players and his good friends attend the wedding, among them is Sam , Mohd Saprin Sabri, Zambri Yusof, Abdul Aziz Shukor and Kamaluddin Yusof. They came all they way from KL and stop a few time for food, drinks and ….blitz!!! We call this “ Grandmaster live”

This term were used by us during our students time when we have all time in the world to play chess- no wife, childrens, works, responsibility to think accept play, play and play chess where ever you are.

I recall one of my memorable experience in late 90’s when I with my chess buddies ( Irwan, Rizal, Abu Zarim..) went to play in Terengganu
Open held at the 4 star Hotel Primula Park Royal Kuala Terengganu. At that time we are all university students and don’t have much money ( now also :)) to pay the expensive room fee . So we plan a strategy. Although at that time my strength is good enough to play in the Open, I choose to played in the novis where as all my friends play in the open category. My job is to win a good price money in the novice and others tried their luck on the Open which of course- offer more cash price!

At the end, our mission is accomplish, I managed to get 3rd places where as my other friend failed to get any cash price in the strong Open category which won by Julian Navaratnam! So, the money I won were used to pay our room fees and we happily enjoy our stay at the beautiful hotel near the beach.

Another interesting story at the Terengganu Open is our room is adjacent to WFM Angela Khegai (photo right) and another strong and cute Uzbekistan women players- WFM Irina Gorshkova (photo left) . At the middle of the night ( around 2 a.m) , we knocked their door to invite them for blitz game which was reject immedietly !!! – how crazy we are back then.

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