Saturday, May 03, 2008

Royal Selangor Open 2008: Round 7

In round 7, the 1st table saw NM Lim Chuin Hong meet the Filipino Ian Udani. Both are leading the tournament with 5 points. ( Indonesian Jamal Hendry also 5 points)

Referring to photo from , both players are in critical phase. recent update : Lim Chuin Hong win!

NM Lim Chuin Hong (left) vs Filipino Ian Udani. Photo from gilachessblog

NM Lim Chuin Hoong - Ian Udani
Royal Selangor 2008 (7), 03.05.2008

As usual, i don't really know what the actual moves being played. But it's fun to analyze it with Fritz. The machine suggest 1.c6! f3!? Black has to bring back his queen for active play. 1...bxc6?? would be a grievous mistake due to white queen check at b4 2.Qb4+! Kg8 3.Qe7 Threatening Qe8++ 3...Bxf5 4.Bxf5 Ne6 (4...Nb7 5.Rd7+-) 5.Bxe6+- 2.Qxf3 Qxe5 3.cxb7 Nxb7 4.Nh6+- 4.Qxb7?! would almost return the winning advantage after 4...Bd5 but white can still fight for the advantage with the queen sacrifiece with 5.Qxa8+! Bxa8 6.Bc4 with attack! 1-0


wisesim said...

Chess! My favourite past time! I used to take part in the Royal Selangor Chess tournament when I was studying in KL. That's was more than 15 years ago! :)

Anonymous said...

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