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Have a Look at Royal Selangor Open 2008: Correction!

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I mistakenly analyze the actual position of the round 4 duels of the top seed FM Lim Yee Weg vs FM Nicholas Chan. Below are the correct position

The meet of the top seeded - FM Lim Yee Weng and FM Nicholas Chan saw the latter win . Referring to the photo from Gilachessblog below.

FM Lim Yee Weng (left) vs FM Nicholas Chan. Photo from gilachessblog

It seems that it is black turn if you look at Nicholas clock. I don't know what the actual moves but below are Fritz analysis of the position.

FM Lim Yee Weng - FM Nicholas Chan
Royal Selangor 2008 (4), 02.05.2008

If you look at the position you will see that the position is imbalances. Black has the extra bishop but Fritz shows that sooner or later black will have to surrender it due to intense pressure on the d and e file. White king is safer compare to black's which stuck in the centre. White's pieces is well coordinate compare to black's. White rooks is well placed on d and e file where as black only active rook is on b6. His rook on h8 is passive.

1...Rb4 pinning the c4 pawn from capturing the bishop on d5. 2.b3 This cool move is suggest by Fritz. White doesn't have to rush because black position is helpless. 2...Rg8 [2...0–0? invite the deadly attack starting with 3.Qe3 Kh8 4.Rxd5! exd5?? (4...Qb6 is lesser evil) 5.Qg5! Rg8 6.Qxg8+ Kxg8 7.Re8#] 3.g3 Qc7 4.Qxd5! ( 4.Qd2! is also strong) and white has all the threat of Rxe6, Qa8+ etc.

Referring too GilachessBlog coverage of the 5th round of Royal Selangor Open, Andrew Ooi share his 5th round lost to OTAI (old timer) Sarawakian Lim Kian Hwa.

Andrew Ooi - Lim Kian Hwa
Royal Selangor Open 2008 (5), 02.05.2008

Andrew said he choose the horrible 1. Qa1? and lost quickly. The best move is 1.Qd3 ( At first i tought 1.Ne5?? is winning after 1...Nxc3 2.Nxd7 Rxe1+ 3.Rxe1 f6 4.Nxc5 bxc5 but i missed the simple 1...Qxf5 2.Nd3 Nxc3 3.Rxe8+ Bf8 4.Rbe1 Qd5 aiming the g2! ) 1...Qxf5 2.Be3

The position is quite imbalances and although Fritz gave evaluation of the position roughly equal, i think black has the better game due to his active piece Bb7,Bc5 and Ne4 all aiming at White king. Furthermore black has the initiative whereas white is defending. 0–1

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