Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Putrajaya Evening Fever!

A few days ago i received a phone called from an unknown chess player from Putrajaya. He introduced himself as Zaidan and invite me for a chess sparring at Putrajaya. Zaidan is a student in one of University in Ireland. He is having a semester break and will spend a month here before going back to Ireland.

Today, after i finish my job at about 6pm , we play at Putrajaya Food Court (Precint 9) together with another chess player, Putrajaya Chess Champion - Muhammad Rizal Jusah . Zaidan is quite strong player, beating me 1-3 and Rizal 0-2 in blitz.
I ask him how he got my number, he said that he got to know me from my friend- Sam and from reading my blog :) . We also talk about chess in Ireland. He said that GM Alexander Baburin was the strongest player there and charge quite an expensive fee for chess lesson. I mentioned another Irish chess player - IM Mark Quinn and he said that Mark is a pianist and chess is only his part time...eeemmm quite a an interesting fact :I
We plan to have a chess disscusion probably tommorow and within this month before he went back to Ireland for his studies.

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