Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Collin Madhavan In The News Again!

Yesterday, Susan Polgar post an article in his famous blog about Malaysian Chess Master Collin Madhavan (photo right) record breaking in Seremban where he recently played a simultenous chess display against 88 players. Susan refer The Star as his source of information about Collin record breaking.

About the simul event, I did received an e-mail from Collin himself. Here are some details and interesting facts about the match:

The final score was 54 wins, 26 draws and 8 losses(76% playing record).

Participants included:

- 2 FIDE rated players, Pok Wern Jian (2126) & Kamar Dani (1664)

- All 36 MSSM (Negeri Sembilan) players and a few teachers

- A number of former state players members of the public

Only 1 drawback for Collin:* They are short of officials during the match. Midway through the match, only 1 official to control the players. There was a lot of consultation and coaching among the players, which rather unfair to him ):

Other interesting facts:-

State teams initially had to return to their training camp by 2 pm, and so many draws were offered to their players (though I was better in most of them).

A decision was then made by the teachers to stay longer as most of the players wanted to stay back and play on!!

- Collin drink orange juice throughout the match (inspired by GM Susan Polgar)

- did not eat at all during the match

- walked around without shoes (in socks, of course)

- Duration: 8 hours (Started 9.30am: Ended 5.25 pm)

- Longest game: 49 moves - walked about 7,900 steps (estimate)

- Average time per player 5.45 minutes per games (like a blitz game)By the way, at the end of the match, Collin did not feel tired and could have played on a few more hours!!(Ha).

It was a BIG day for Chess in Negeri Sembilan.

You can read my previous post regarding the simul here

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