Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Top Guns being Kicked Out !

Yes. That is what happen in round 4 World Cup 2007. Elo favorites Mickey Adams, Peter Svidler, Levon Aronian, Wang Yue all being eliminated in round 4 by their much “lower” rated opponents. Only Sergey Karjakin, Alekseev(photo left),Shirov and “Porno”mariov managed to performances better as rating points concern.

.Mickey were beaten by the birthday boy Magnus Carlsen (photo right) who just turn sweet “17” . The Briton failed to equalized in the second classical game after were soundly beaten in the first game. I watch the second game live around move 49 and I was confident that Adams would easily won the game and force Carlsen to play the rapid games but unfortunately Adams succumb in time pressure and only managed to draw the game which means he lost the match.

Arianne Caoli: Oooh just when Aronian will be World Champ..or should i find another....?

However the most unexpected results i think would be the lost of Levon Aronian in hands of Evgeny Alekseev the Russian Champion. His girlfriend Arianne Caoili must have some tought about the loss!? - Read my previous article .Anyway, if I’m not mistaken Alekseev have played in Grand Asean Chess Challenge in Kuala Lumpur a few years ago.

Meanwhile Alexei Shirov the author of the famous books Fire On Board 1&2 have managed to "maintain the fire on his board" by beating Vladimir Akopian.
Shirov main critics have always been about his play style that is not "stamina friendly" cause he always try to create an imbalances by sacrificing pieces in almost all of his game. But so far he has managed to survive with it!

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