Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Testing Chess Publisher

Hi, i'm testing Andrew Ooi masterpiece Chesspublishing tools. Many chess bloggers have benefit from Andrew "invention". This is his chess publisher address http://www.chesspublisher.com/

Question Mark

So far i'm still not manage to properly publish it as you can see above but i'll try it again.

update! I managed to made the relayer works.thanks to Andrew comment...but one more thing...i've ask Andrew how to publish the variations....


Andrew Ooi said...

I believe chesspublisher got confused when you placed the {fritz analysis...} thing into your move text.

I've cleaned it up and it now works.

You have to change your < iframe tag to include..

gameid=1080 ..

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Thanks Andrew, i managed to made the relayer work! but one more things...how to add anlysis..varation and text annotation?

thanks in advance.


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