Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Putrajaya Chess Course for Arbiter and officer , 10-11 September2007- Part 2

This is the remaining photo during the Putrajaya Chess Course for Arbiter and Officer from 10-11 September2007 at Residen Hotel, UNITEN, Bangi. This course was organised by Putrajaya Chess Association. Read the previous article here

The participants

...teach them chess at standard 1 and 2, and then...

'...let them choose.....

...to play chess or football, hockey,badminton...etc.etc..

Yes...that is part of interesting points by Gregory Lau (Greg) during the chess course, he said that by his own experience, standard 1 and 2 is the critical phase in a chess player development. One of the reason is that in later years, students tend to choose pysical sports like football, hockey, badminton and others. Greg is from Malaysian Chess Federation.

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