Monday, September 17, 2007

Interview With Ahmad Maliki: Presiden of Putrajaya Chess Association

Interview With Ahmad Maliki
Presiden of Putrajaya Chess Association,
FIDE Rating 2254, ex-national player

Hairulov: When do you start to play chess and please tell a little bit about your involvement in chess.

Maliki : I started to play chess when I was 5 years old...actually…my brother taught me how to play chess…he was the school chess player so he need a sparing partner. He “force” me to be his playing partner . At 5 years old, that was how I start to play chess. I played for my school in form 1 in secondary school.

Hairulov: You were involved in national and international chess tournaments. Tell a little bit about it.

Maliki: I played in Malaysia Sports and School Council (MSSM) in school level. I become champion once and I also…lost in others MSSM tournaments . I have won the National Champion under 20 and was selected to play for Malaysia in Asian tournament and as usual…I lost. I once played for my country in World Under Age in German…if I’m not mistaken, I played in under 18….and I lost also…..


Maliki: I didn’t achieve a good result on the tournaments....maybe because we don’t have the proper training system.
Hairulov: You’re working with a government agencies and you also the President of Putrajaya Chess Association. Please tell a little bit about Putrajaya Chess Association?
Maliki: Actually I’m working with the Department of Environment. The idea to form Putrajaya Chess association came trough when we observe that there’s no group of chess player to gather and play chess in a proper place in Putrajaya. So, I’ve discussed this matter with 2-3 chess enthusiast in Putrajaya. Actually, we try to form a chess club but after referring to the Commissioner of Sport, we were advised to form association instead of club because there’s still no chess association in Putrajaya. They want us to form an association and later, clubs will be form under it. I was inform that there’s 11 schools in Putrajaya and 7 of them have form a chess club and if god willing, we will form more chess club in other schools in Putrajaya.

Hairulov: I was inform that Putrajaya is quite active in organizing chess activities such as courses for arbiter and chess officer. Please tell a little bit about it?

Maliki: Actually our association is not to active and we are still new. The programmed that you mention just now is part of our promotion. Actually we receive a set back when half or near 75% of our first commities such as secretary, treasurer resign, can’t be traced or have transfer to other place and it effected our activity for about 4-5 months. Due to the problems, I planned a coaching programmed before engaging new members. We planned to have a grand meeting after Aidilfitri.
Putrajaya Chess Association were given exemption, this association is different with other state association where we only need a minimum of two club only. In Putrajaya, there’s many government agencies and schools that can form their own club.

Hairulov: What is your expectation for Putrajaya Chess Association?

Maliki: My hope is we will be the model to other states that still haven't form their own chess association, to follow our step to develop chess.

Hairulov: Thank you Maliki.

Maliki: Your welcome.

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