Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave French Champion 2007!

Watch this entertaining final tie-break blitz game for the French Championship 2007 between GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and GM Vladislav Tkachiev.

Maxime won the 1st blitz game and Tkachiev had to win the 2nd game to tie the score. Unfortunately he cracked under pressure and blunder on move 31.Nxe3? where as 31.Na5 should maintain the advantage and probably enough to win the game.

Tkachiev,Vladislav (2655) - Vachier-Lagrave ,M (2595) [A29]

Championnat de France Aix-les-Bains (1),

1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 e5 3.Nf3 Nc6 4.g3 Bb4 5.Nd5 Bc5 6.d3 Nxd5 7.cxd5 Nd4 8.Nd2 [Instead of 8.Nxe5 Qe7 9.f4 d6-/+] 8...d6 9.e3 Nf5 10.Nc4 c6 11.dxc6 b5 12.Bg2 Qc7 13.Na3 a6 Secures b5 14.Nc2 0-0 15.0-0 Ne7 16.d4 Bb6 17.d5 f5 18.a4 bxa4 19.Rxa4 a5 20.Na3 Ba6 21.Re1 Ng6 22.Bf1 Bxf1 23.Rxf1 e4 24.Nc4 Bc5 [>=24...Ne5!?+/-] 25.Bd2+- Qf7 [>=25...Bb6+-] 26.Bxa5 f4 [26...Ne7 27.b4 Nxd5 28.bxc5 dxc5 29.Ne5+-] 27.exf4 [ 27.b4 keeps an even firmer grip 27...Ba7 28.exf4 e3 29.fxe3 Ne7+-] 27...Nxf4 [27...Ne7 doesn't improve anything 28.b4 Rxa5 29.Nxa5+- (29.bxc5?! is much worse 29...Rxc5 30.Nxd6 Qxd5+-) ] 28.gxf4 Qxf4 29.Bd2 [29.Kh1+- secures the point] 29...Bxf2+30.Kh1 e3 31.Nxe3?? White lets it slip away. [ 31.Na5 Qg5 32.Be1 Bxe1 33.Rxe1= (‹33.Qxe1 Qxd5+ 34.Kg1 Qg5+ 35.Kh1 Qe5-+) ] 31...Rxa4-+ 32.Ng2 Qe4 33.Bc3 Raa8 34.Qh5?? a mistake, not that it matters anymore [>=34.Bd2-+] 34...Bd4 [>=34...Bc5 and Black has reached his goal 35.Re1 Rf2-+] 35.Re1?? causes further problems for ? [>=35.Rxf8+ Rxf8 36.Bxd4 Qxd4 37.h3-/+] 35...Bxc3!-+ [35...Bxc3 36.bxc3 Ra2-+] 0-1

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