Monday, August 27, 2007

Chess Solved !?

This year we were surprise by an announcement made by computer scientists at the University of Alberta in Canada that their develop chess programme Chinook cannot ever lose. An opponent, no matter how skilled, practiced or determined, can at best achieve a draw. Read
The most horrifying story i could ever imagine happen to our beloved game CHESS is it will suffer the same fate with checker. And it's all happen just within month after Chinook made the breakthrough. Recently I've read an article at Chessdom about a player who have managed to solved chess by defeating strong players! Read abstract of the story;-

"....I tried again, and I played a completely different opening that couldn't possibly result in such a position, but after a series of very queer-looking moves, once again I found my king surrounded, with mate to fall on the 12th move. I asked the man to wait while I ran downstairs and fetched Emmanuel Lasker, who was world champion before me. He was extremely skeptical, but agreed to at least come and play. Along the way we snagged Alekhine, who was then world champion, and the three of us ran back up to the room."

"Lasker took no chances, but played as cautiously as could be, yet after a bizarre, pointless-looking series of maneuvers, found himself hemmed in a mating net from which there was no escape. Alekhine tried his hand, too, but all to no avail....."

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