Sunday, July 01, 2007

Readers all over the world!

It's a nice feeling for me when i discover from my chess blog were read by people from all around the world. Although my blog are far away from reaching the standard and traffic volume compare to Chessvibes, Susan Plogar Blog, Gilachess (Malaysia top Blog) etc.etc. I fill that i manage to add some "spice" to chess community by blogging articles about chess.

As a so called "retired" tournament chess player, i'm no longer play actively in chess tournament because of the "standard excuse" - family and work commitment. But i found that it's impossible for me to forget chess completely. I always keep in touch with international and local chess news/event through the internet(, Internet Chess Club, and others site).

Although i'm not actually an IT savvy person (and didn't have IT background-i'm in human resoucers by qualification!) but blogging have taught me many new thing about internet tools. I'm planning to add different type of article in my blog by doing some interview with chess players/friends and maybe some "live" tournament report.
Hope that i will have the time to do that because i love chess so much.

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