Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ivanchuk Strange Behaviour!

Congratulation to Vassily ivanchuk for winning the The Aerosvit tournament in Foros, Ukraine, took place from 17th-30th June 2007. Vassily Ivanchuk took clear first with 7.5/11 half a point clear of Sergey Karjakin. He won this strong event which consist strong participants like Peter Svidler, Shirov and Karjakin.

.I noticed a "typical" behaviour of Ivanchuk during this tournament. In the opening ceremony, he wore a pink trousers (Ivanchuk seat behind Shirov- picture below!) where as others participant wore nice coat.

Ivanchuk at the opening ceremony seat behind Shirov

The famous pink pants he wore in the 1st round against Karjakin but .......
at the closing and price giving ceremony he wore a complete suite!

"Big Chucky", as Ivanchuk is called, has been described by Viswanathan Anand as the most eccentric player in the chess world. Anand, tongue-in-cheek, gave his view on Ivanchuk like this
....He’s someone who is very intelligent ... but you never know which mood he is going to be in. Some days he will treat you like his long-lost brother. The next day he ignores you completely.
The players have a word for him. They say he lives on 'Planet Ivanchuk'. ... I have seen him totally drunk and singing Ukrainian poetry and then the next day I have seen him give an impressive talk.
For a while he was trying to learn Turkish. Don’t ask me why ... Everyday is a surprise with him....

p/s : Latest news : Vassily Ivanchuk's hot streak continues as he wonThe Pivdenny Bank Chess Cup takes place in Odessa, Ukraine from 4th-6th July 2007 with 7/9 half a point clear of Alexander Grischuk!!!!

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