Tuesday, November 28, 2006

answer for the spectacular move 24...Nc7 - Karjakin,Sergey - Anand,V -Corus .2006

24...Nc7! the game continued with 25.Qxc7 25...Rc8 26.Qxe7 26...Nc4 27.g6 hxg6 28.fxg6 Nxa3+ 29.bxa3 Rxa3 30.gxf7+ Kh7 31.f8N+ Forced but it doesn't help. 31...Rxf8 32.Qxf8 The only move to even try to continue. 32...Ra1+ 33.Kb2 Ra2+! Accurate to the last. 34.Kc3 Qa5+! Forces mate. 35.Kd3 Qb5+ 36.Kd4 Ra4+ 37.Kc3 Qc4+ 0-1

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