Monday, December 15, 2014

From Penang with love....and Char Keuy Teow, Nasi Kandar, Pasembur +++


Here is one of my game at the recently concluded  - Penang International Chess Tournament. 

Linges  Chandran  - Hairulov
Round 4, Penang Challenger, 10.12.2014

Black to move

Thanks to my rooks and d4 pawn, i had a total control over the position. However, white's knight on c4 is threatening my rook on e3 and if i move the rook then the  d4 pawn will lost, so i had to make a crucial decision here.... 25...Rxf3! 26. Qxd4 Of course 26. gxf3?? will lost the lady after  26...Nh3+ .

 Now i have lost my strong d4 pawn so i must find something big  to compensate the loss. I got around 20 minutes left at this point. I sense that there is a tactical combination here . I calculated a variation starting with 26...Nh3+ but unfortunately some where along the line, i did not find a mate, so i choose a wise desicion of maintaining the initiative. 

26... Rxf1+ After the game, Mr. Fritz shows that the spectacular...26... Nh3+ !! will work nicely after 27. gxh3 Rg3+!  28. hxg3 (28. Kf2 this is actually   the reason why i reject 26...Nh3+ but again Mr.Fritz shows that after  28...Rg6! black have to give back material to avoid being mate for e.g. 29. Nd6 Qc6! threatening 30.Qg2+ or 30.Qf3+) 28... Qxg3+ 29. Kh1 Bf3+ 30. Rxf3 Re1+ 31. Rf1 Rxf1+ 32. Qg1 Rxg1# checkmate.

 27. Kxf1 Qe7 Fortunately i'm still retaining the winning advantage here  

28. Qf2 Qg5 29. Ne3 Qe5 29... Nh3! again this idea work here  

30. gxh3 Rxe3 31. h4 Qe5 Threatening 32...Rf3 and 32...Qxa1  

30. Nc4?? a blunder in a difficult position . If 30. Nc2 then i can choose between  30...Re6 or
30... Bg6 maintaining the pressure.  

30... Qxa1 31. Qxf4 Be2+ 32. Kg1 

If 32. Kf2 the king will be force to walk into a deadly trip... 32..Bxc4 33. Qxc4 Qf6+ 34. Kg3 Re3+ and mate is near... 35. Kg4 h5+ 36. Kxh5 g6+ 37. Kh6 Re5 38. Qxf7+ Qxf7 39. Nd3 Rh5#

32... Bxc4 33. Qxc4 Re1+ White resign 0-1

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