Sunday, August 17, 2014

Judith Polgar and....Eliza Hanum Ibrahim

As we have already know, the legendary and probably the greatest women chess player - Judith Polgar has announced her retirement at the Tromso  Olympiad. Below is a special video about Judith excellence performance at the 1990 Novi Sad.

You will also noticed Malaysian very own legendary  women player and former Women National Champion - NWM Eliza Hanum Ibrahim on this video at  28-30 seconds of this video duration.


abdooss said...

Eliza Hanum also has a younger sister, Eliza Hanim, who had also represented Malaysia.
Their father, Tuan Haji Ibrahim, played a very great role in moulding them, as he was also an official in MCF.

Ilham said...

Ahh...the smile of Eliza Hanum! ... :)

Sure bring a lot of innocent memory of yesteryear!