Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chess drop from 2015 SEA Games

I've just heard a disappointing  news on tv that chess will not be included in the 2015 SEA Games
which will be host by Singapore.

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Peter Long said...

I think this was expected... anyway let's be honest, SEA Games is not serious - just a friendship event where the host always fixes to win maximum medals. My classmate who was before Parliment Secretary for Sports Ministry once joked with me that in SEA Games, second place is real champion!

If you sit in Singapore's shoes you would think that Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia should win most, maybe we fight Malaysia if they slip up but then Thailand and Myanmar also getting better...

For Malaysian chess, our problem is now we have to find some other story to sell OCM, NSC, etc. for chess and this is not easy unless somehow young generation can emerge and become world and regional beaters.