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Norazmi Mohd Noor - Shamsuddin Mat Isa

 Norazmi Mohd Nor (Terengganu) - Shamsuddin Mat Isa (KL) 
MAKSAK, Round 1, 28.9.2012

 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 e5 

The Svesnikov Variation is Sudin favourite Variation. As far that i know, Sudin  eat, drink, bath, dream and sleep with this opening. The Svesnikov enjoyed a great popularity during the 90's and back then it's main practitioner is no less then Super GMs Vladimir Kramnik and Peter Leko. A lot of water have pass under the bridge and nowadays  the opening is rarely seen in top elite tournaments .

6. Ndb5 d6 7. Bg5 a6 8. Bxf6 gxf6 9. Na3 b5 10. Nd5 f5 11. Bd3 Be6 12. c3 Rb8 Rybka Opening book suggest 12... Bg7

13. Qf3 f4 14. g3  Rg8 !? An interesting move, Sudin plan to play on both side using both  his rooks!

15. h3  Be7 15...Bh6 protecting the f4 pawn and keeping the double bishop seems better but Sudin is  threatening 16.. fxg3 17.fxg3 Rxg3 18.Qxg3 Bh4 - winning the queen.

16. gxf4 17.Nxf4 Ne5 

Black got  the initiative for his sacrificed pawn.

 18. Qe2 Bg5 19. Nxe6 fxe6 20. Nc2 Qf6 21. Nd4 Kd7 Both players have about 3-4 minutes left and after this both committed several mistakes.

22. a4 bxa4  23. Bxa6  Rxb2?? In time trouble Sudin tought that he can fork whites' queen and king with 14...Nd3+ but the problem is white bishop on a6 prevent the idea.

24. Qxb2 White is a rook up and clearly winning  

24...Rf8 25. Qb7+ Kd8 

26. Nc6+ 26. Qb8 finishes off the opponent for e.g. 26...Ke7 27. Qc7+ Nd7 28. Nc6+ Kf7 29. Qxd7+ Kg8 30. O-O

26... Ke8 27. Qc8+ Kf7 28. Qc7+? A serious mistake. Now black's king found heaven on his kingside. The correct move is to get rid of strong black's knight on e5 with 28. Nxe5+

28... Kg8  Black is a rook down but his pieces is working together tremendously compare to white uncoordinated pieces.

29. Ra2 Nf3+? Black almost lets it slip away 29... Qf4 is the right move.

30. Ke2?!  Ng1+ 31. Ke1 Qf3 32. Nd4??   31.Kd3 Qf3+ 32. Kc2 32.Kc4! and white can still survive.  32..Qxf2+ 33.Kd1 Qf3+ 33...Qxa2! is quicker. 34.Kc2   34... Qxe4+ 35.Kd1?? 35.Kb2 will prolong the game a little bit 35... Qb1+#

The decisive mistake that cause Azmi the game.  32.Ne7+ is the probably the correct  continuation and both have equal chance in this wild position.  32...Kh8 33.Rxg1 Qxe4+

checkmate in an open board  0-1

Norazmi (left) and Shamsuddin (right)

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